Salary Equity Report, July 2015

We are pleased to announce that the joint University/SFUFA working group has reported the results of its research. The working group was established by SFUFA and the University in response to a request from SFU Academic Women, with a mandate to examine whether gender-based salary inequities are present at SFU.

The report provides a detailed summary of the methods used and the results that were obtained. In contrast to similar studies elsewhere, the SFU study considers longitudinal data over a number of years, allowing us to determine more precisely the history and origin of salary inequities over the last decade. Now that we have the results of the analysis, we will proceed in the following way:

1. early in fall 2015 we will hold an open meeting where the results of the report will be presented, and members of the university community can provide comments and suggestions.
2. we will form a faculty salary equity implementation group; the anticipated purpose of this group will be (a) review the report, (b) review how other universities have addressed salary inequities, (c) propose solutions to the VPA for removing existing inequities, and (d) propose changes to processes to ensure that future inequities do not occur.

We will announce the date for the open meeting and the development of the implementation working group by the end of the summer.

Jon Driver, Vice President Academic
Julian Christians, President, SFUFA

Report of the Salary Equity Working Group

Working Group Members

Working Group Terms of Reference

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