Schedule A


Policies Affecting Terms and Conditions of Employment With Appeal Procedures

A 10 Academic Appointments
A 10.01 Academic Appointments

A 11 Tenure-Track Appointments

A 11.01 Contract Renewal, Tenure and Promotion

A 11.02 Criteria for Appointment, Promotion, Contract Renewal, Tenure and Evaluation

A 12 Other Academic Appointments
A 12.02 Laboratory Instructors I and II has been repealed
A 12.03 Librarians *

A 20 Salaries for Academic Appointments

A 20.01 Faculty Salaries (cases under the jurisdiction of USAC and final offer selection)

A 30 Employment Policies for Academic Personnel

A 30.09 Disiplinary Measures Policy

R Intellectual Property

R 60.01 Integrity in Research and Misconduct in Research (when proposed Disciplinary Procedures are negotiated)

* Only those parts which contain appeal procedures. This will be reviewed by both parties.