Salary Agreement Implementation

Bargain Bulletin 2013-05-24: Timetable for arbitration award implementation

The Administration has provided SFUFA with a TENTATIVE schedule on
dealing with the implementation of the salary component from the
recent arbitration.
These dates may change due to unforeseen factors.

**** May 31st pay day: The 2% increase in pay as of 1 July 2012
becomes effective. At this point, your base salary, market
differential, and University Professor Award should increase by 2%.
The new
salary scales effective 1 July 2012 are posted at

The 2% salary increase also applies to
Base salary
Market differentials
University Professor award

The 2% salary increase does NOT apply to
Salary differentials (any residual market differential that can’t
be rolled into base salary) on promotion to Full Professor or Senior
Retention awards
Burnaby Mountain endowments
Stipends for Academic Administrative appointments
CRC stipends
Other stipends

Because the new steps at top of Professor and Senior Lecturer don’t
come into effect until 1 Sept 2013, if you were at the top of ceiling
on 1 Sept 2012, there will be no movement on the salary scale
effective 1 Sept 2012.

****  June 14th pay day: retroactive pay of 2% since July 1, 2012
should be added in a lump sum to this paycheck. Income tax and other
deductions will also be removed from the lump sum payment.

Pension contributions based on this lump sum will also be made at this date.

*** July 1st: Our 1.95% pay increase to base salary becomes effective
(note: it is 0.05% less for July 1, 2013 to June 30th, 2014, as 0.05%
is being used to fund increased coverage of
psychological services, as per the arbitration award).

See above about how various additions to base salary are handled.

*** Sept 1. The new steps at the top of Professor and Senior Lecturer
scales  come into effect.

The steps for Professor are MERIT steps so
you need a step award of 1.5 or 2.0 to move up on the new scale.

The new steps for Senior Lecturers are just regular steps so that any
positive step awards will result in movement on the new scale.