The attached pages provide information on salaries and economic benefits, and links to further resources. Should the information linked here not answer your questions, please do contact us directly.

Salaries are governed by Article 42 of the Collective Agreement. For ease of reference, the complete text of that Article is reproduced at Faculty Salaries Provisions.

For current salary scales (minima, breakpoints and maxima), please see here.

Please note that information on pensions and professional development reimbursement (PDR) are provided on their own pages.

There are a wide variety of benefits available to SFUFA members, from extended health to a tuition waiver for spouses (including common-law partners) and dependents (typically defined as unmarried children under 19 years of age or under 25 years of age and enrolled in full-time post-secondary education). What follows is not a comprehensive list, but a summary of some of the benefits available. For further details on benefits, including relocation expenses, mortgage assistance and so on, please see Article 43 of the Collective Agreement.

Basic Health – MSP

Residents of British Columbia are required to register themselves and their dependents with the Medical Services Plan. Members of SFUFA share the cost of MSP premiums with the University (members paying 40%-50% dependent upon employment status).

For further information about the Medical Services Plan, including extent of coverage or wait times if you are new to BC, please visit the MSP website.

Extended Health

Extended health benefits cover a wide array of services not covered under the basic provincial health plan. Ambulance fees, emergency out-of-country medical, vision care, counseling services and prescription drug costs are just a few of the areas that may be fully or partially covered.

Extended Health premiums are full paid by the University, and provided by Pacific Blue Cross. A booklet detailing benefits is full is available at: FACULTY Extended Health and Dental Booklet


Dental benefits premiums are paid fully by SFU and provide coverage as follows based on the categories of procedure adopted by the BC College of Dental Surgeons.

Plan A – basic diagnostic, preventative and restorative services.
Plan B – crown and bridge procedures and prosthetic appliances.
Plan C – orthodontia.

Reimbursement for Plan A is 90% and for Plan B is 70%. Reimbursement for Plan C is 85% with a life-time maximum of $5,000.

Employee and Family Assistance Plan

Provided by Homewoood Human Solutions, the EFAP provides confidential, professional assistance to help members, their spouses and dependants resolve problems that affect their personal lives or work performance. Participation in the program is voluntary, although it may be recommended when work performance problems exist. It is not intended to provide long-term counseling services, but is available for short term consultations on a wide range of personal matters and can assist members in identifying longer-term professional assistance where necessary.

Life Insurance

Basic life insurance is provided by the University at its expense, and provides a benefit of twice the member’s annual salary up to age 65. Additional, optional life insurance is available at the member’s expense. For information on optional life insurance, please see here.

Sick Leave and Long Term Disability

Sick leave provisions are based upon a member’s employment status at SFU. For tenure-stream faculty or any member with a continuing position, the basic sick leave entitlement is 26 weeks, or 6 months, at full pay.

For members on limited terms the sick leave available is as follows, based on length of service:

i. Less than 3 months: 1 week at 100% salary

ii. 3 months but less than 1 year: 4 weeks at 100% salary, then 12 weeks at 75% salary, then 10 weeks at 60% salary

iii. 1 year but less than 5 years: 12 weeks at 100% salary, then 4 weeks at 75% salary, then 10 weeks at 60% salary

iv. 5 years or more: 26 weeks at 100% salary

Long Term Disability benefits are available to members with continuing appointments who are incapacitated and meet the eligibility requirements for LTD. The plan provides 70% of salary at the time the disability claim is established, but does not extend beyond 65 years of age.

Tuition Waiver

Available to members with continuing and long term  appointments only, the tuition benefit extends to spouses and children under 25 years of age, and provides for free tuition (not including student and other fees) for credit courses at SFU. More more on the tuition benefit, please see the policy here.