SFU Pension Plan

The SFU Academic Staff Pension Plan is a defined-contribution plan – that is, rather than providing a pre-determined benefit upon returning, each member’s pension is based on the amount s/he paid into the plan over the course of her/ his career. The basic benefit is the equivalent of 10% of salary contributed by the University. Members are not required to contribute additionally, but are able to do so should they wish to increase the benefit.

For information on the Academic Staff Pension plan, including a list of the trustees should you wish to contact them, please see:

For a summary and a link to the full text of the plan, please see:

If you have questions about the Pension Plan, or retiree benefits please send your queries to [email protected]

Link to pension resource page 

Canada Pension Plan

The Canada Pension Plan is a government plan into which all Canadian workers pay. Information on CPP is available here.