SFU’s Professional Development Reimbursement benefit provides long-term members and most limited term appointments with $1910 in PDR that may be claimed to cover expenses related to the purchase of books or periodicals; memberships in learned societies and professional organizations; the purchase of employment-related equipment; travel expenses for study leaves or conferences and other expenses related to teaching, scholarship or related academic activities. To be eligible for reimbursement, expenses must meet the criteria established by the University, and claims must be submitted with supporting documentation according to the policies and practices of the university.

Each year, a member may request reimbursement for costs up to the amount in her/ his PDR bank, which includes that year’s entitlement plus any unused amounts from previous years to a maximum of four years in total.

Members can find their current professional development reimbursement balance through the MySFU system. After logging in, click on Professional Development Expenses (under Staff Resources), and locate a record of your debits, credits and balance at the bottom of the page.

To review ineligible expenses, download claims forms, and clarify the necessary requirements for submission of claims, please visit the PDR site of Faculty Relations – the office that administers the benefit – here.