One bedroom to rent in brand new luxury home

We have a bedroom for rent on the 2nd floor of our large (5500 sq ft) brand new luxury home. There are two bedrooms to choose from, one larger than the other ($800/mo. for the larger one, $750/mo. for the smaller one). Very short walk to the “SFU 143” route bus stop. You can see photos online at:

The bathroom would be mostly yours (approx. 95% of the time) but on occasion might be used by guests since it is off a common area next to a home office. The bathroom is designed to be shared, with two sinks and a door to a separate bath and toilet area (see photos).

Month-to-month rent is preferred. The home is near Como Lake Ave and Clarke Rd, walkable to the new (under construction) Burquitlam Station of the Evergreen Line.

ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED, including cable and internet. Laundry is available one day per week (to be negotiated).

To apply, pls contact by email for the application form. ([email protected])

We will also require:

1) pay stubs (proof of income)
2) former landlord references (preferably the last two, over the past 2-3 years)
3) for the credit check, you can just create your own Equifax account and print out your credit score
4) half a month’s rent security deposit

We will also require payments via e-interact and would prefer bi-weekly payments of $370 (for the larger room) or $346 (for the smaller room)– we pay our mortgage bi-weekly so collecting rent bi-weekly would be very helpful. Bi-weekly payments at these rates are equivalent to the same amount paid monthly on an annual basis.

If you want a high end cable package, we can work that into the rent. The bedrooms have cable and ethernet already wired into the walls.