Kinder Morgan

SFUFA Opposes Kinder Morgan’s Attempt to Block Peaceful Protest, Supports SFU Faculty Members

On Thursday, October 30, Kinder Morgan applied for an injunction to halt protest of its preparatory work for the pipeline it proposes to construct on Burnaby Mountain. The corporation has specifically named 5 individuals – including two SFU faculty members and SFUFA members – who have been actively involved in the protest.

SFUFA supports the right of citizens to participate in lawful protest, and sees this legal action as an attempt to prevent our members and others from exercising their Charter rights.

We recognize that ad hoc forms of protest may involve people with diverse views and approaches, and are concerned that our members are being intimidated for engaging in reasonable and peaceful protest.

Kinder Morgan’s proposed injunction amounts to no more than an attempt to stifle the free speech of the pipeline’s opponents. As faculty members, as scholars committed to freedom of conscience and freedom of speech, we defend the rights of our members and all citizens to speak publicly regarding matters of public interest and to engage in lawful acts of protest.

Members who wish to offer financial support to the two colleagues named in the case, Lynne Quarmby (MBB) and Stephen Collis (English) will find an on-line support page here.

Julian Christians, President

[email protected]