Executive Elections

Dear SFUFA members:
Please join us in welcoming the 2015-16 Executive Committee.

The list below indicates offices to be held beginning in September, 2015.

Newly-elected or re-elected members are:

Dan Laitsch, to become President-Elect:
Paul Hebbard , to become Director, Librarians and Archivists:
Russell Day, to continue as Director, Teaching Appointments:
Ronda Arab, to become director
Michael Sjoerdsma, to become director

Continuing members of the Executive (elected last year) are:

Julian Christians, to become Past President
Neil Abramson, to become President
Glenn Chapman, continuing Director
Carolyn Lesjak, continuing Director
Krishna Pendakur, continuing Director
Rochelle Tucker continuing Director

Members leaving the Executive this year are:
David Broun
Holly Hendrigan
Carl Schwarz

We thank all incoming, continuing, and outgoing members for their service to SFUFA and their commitment to a vibrant association.