Sexual Violence Policy and Protocols

SFU is currently drafting new policies and protocols related to sexual violence and misconduct. SFUFA is actively working with the University, SFU Academic Women, and other members of the campus community with the goal of producing a fully-resourced set of policies and services that better acknowledge the extent and seriousness of sexual violence, work proactively to prevent sexual violence and misconduct, foster a culture of consent, and provide improved mechanisms for supporting survivors.

Members are encouraged to participate actively in university community consultation processes, and may find the following resources particularly helpful.

SFUFA Response to Draft Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy, January 2017

Draft Policy on Sexual Violence and Misconduct

SFU’s Sexual Violence Policy Input page, which details mechanisms for consultation and feedback

SFU Academic Women’s Recommendations to the Sexual Violence Policy Review Group

Recommendations of the Ending Violence Association of BC on guidelines for a comprehensive response to campus sexual violence

SFUFA Response to the Draft Policy