SFUFA Executive Cmte Position on Learning Outcomes

The following statement was issued by the SFUFA Executive Committee in March, 2012 following the University’s announced intention to submit the LOA proposal for a vote Senate.


Statement of the SFUFA Executive Committee on the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Initiative, March 2012

Dear SFUFA members:

As you will be aware, the Vice President Academic has announced his intention to bring forward a motion on the Learning Outcomes and Assessment initiative at the April Senate meeting.
SFUFA has been engaged for some months in discussions regarding this issue, raising both substantive and procedural concerns with the LOA in its present form.

Having considered the documents associated with the motion, we believe that further consultation and much more detail regarding the financial, workload and pedagogical implications are required before any such proposal should be brought forward for a vote. The motion now before Senate seems to simplify a very complex set of ideals and actions to a simple, blanket approval of a policy whose implications are unclear.

At its meeting on March 7th, the SFUFA Executive voted to oppose the Senate motion in its current form. We encourage all Senators to consider carefully what is both included and missing from the proposal before casting their votes.