Collegial governance has been a significant issue for faculty associations across the country; here in BC, CUFA/BC announced in 2012 its ‘Year of Governance’ campaign to focus attention on the weakening of academic control over university decision-making and the dangers of 2011’s Bill 18. The currently-tabled legislation would prevent members active on their association executives or bargaining teams from serving on Boards of Governors and open the door for government-appointed Board members to remove elected members.

CAUT has also taken this issue on in recent years, forming an ad hoc committee in 2008 to investigate the state of collegial governance in Canada and to provide recommendations to CAUT and to its member faculty associations.

Here we provide a number of resources for members seeking further information on issues related to collegial governance.


CUFA/BC Resources

Academic Governance 3.0 – proceedings of the spring 2012 CUFA/BC governance conference

CUFA/ BC Announcement on ‘the Year of Governance, 2012’

CUFA/BC on Bill 18 and Faculty Governance

CUFA/BC Update on Bill 18


CAUT Resources

Report of the CAUT Ad Hoc Committee on Governance, 2009

CAUT Policy Statement on Governance