SFUFA is the sole legal collective bargaining agent for faculty, members in applicable teaching appointment categories, librarians and archivists at Simon Fraser University. A certified trade union trade under the law, SFUFA bargains collective agreements  that legally bind both the university and members. SFUFA has both rights and responsibilities vis a vis the administration of those agreements and enforcement of their provisions, and SFUFA representatives can legally represent members in any employment dispute with the university.

Collective bargaining, then, is the foundation of SFUFA’s work. It involves periodic negotiation of salaries, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment that are legally binding until such time as the agreement expires and the University and the Association form a new agreement. On SFUFA’s side, the bargaining process typically involves: consultation with members at special meetings, through surveys, and via advisory committees; the development of proposals and research to support those proposals; a series of meetings with a team chosen by the administration to consider proposals from both sides and attempt to reach agreement; should the parties be unable to reach agreement, the Labour Code’s default options are strike/lockout, though we maintain language designed to encourage mediation and/ or arbitration where possible.

SFUFA’s bargaining proposals and priorities are set by its members, and we strongly encourage members to bring forward recommendations and to participate in the various fora provided to consider, develop and select proposals for collective bargaining.

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