Text of Amended Articles

The following are the final versions of Articles that have been amended in the tentative Agreement.
We are uploading these as they become available, and some language is not yet in its final form. In particular, Article 42 (Salaries) and Article 46 (Study Leave) were among the last issues to be settled. We will add these as soon as they become available. The Letter of Agreement and Appendix (Cost Savings Formula) regarding the pension transition are not in their final form, but the language here reflects the tentative Agreement.


Article 1 – University-Association Relations

Article 11 – Entry into Force and Duration

Article 15 – Health and Safety

Article 17 – Integrity in Research

Article 21 – Dispute Resolution

Article 22 – Discipline

Article 23 – Continuing Academic Appointments

Article 24 – Joint Appointments

Article 26 – Part-Time Continuing Appointments

Article 27 – Research Faculty Workload

Article 28 – University Criteria for Appointment, Tenure and Promotion

Article 29 – Establishment of Tenure and Promotion and Faculty Review Committees

Article 31 – Contract Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion – Documentation and Referees

Article 33 – Biennial Reviews and Step Awards – Research and Teaching Faculty

Article 35 – Teaching Faculty

Article 36 – Librarian and Archivist Faculty

Article 37 – Practitioner Faculty

Article 42 – Salary

Article 43 – Economic Benefits

Article 44 – Sick Leave and Long Term Disability

Article 45 – Vacation

Article 46 – Study Leave

Article 47 – Leaves of Absence

Letter of Agreement on Pension Transition

Pension Appendix on Cost Savings