Bargaining Bulletin 2016-05-05

We are now in the `end game’ of bargaining. Over the last few months we have been diligently working on language. We have mostly completed that phase and have now turned to monetary issues, including proposals for modifying our salary scales and changes to our pension plan.
SFUFA presented a monetary proposal to the Admin’s team late last month. The Admin has returned with questions about our proposal. We are working to addresses these questions.
We return to the table next week.
Here is an update about the other major universities. U.Vic, UNBC, and UBC have now all completed their negotiations.
UNBC faculty will receive a total of 10% over 5 years after a strike. Details on their settlement are found at:
U.Vic Faculty Association reached a settlement using mediation and their total package costs are just over 9%. Details available at:
UBC Faculty Association reached an arbitrated settlement of 2%/2% over 2 years (rather than the usual 5 year agreement seen elsewhere in the public sector). Details available at:
Carl Schwarz