Article 6 – Limitations of the Agreement


6.1 Existing Relationships and Practices Relating to the Terms and Conditions of Employment

In order to make changes in University Policies not listed in 9.1 or other University practices affecting terms and conditions of employment; or in the relationships between the University and the Association, the following conditions must be met:

When either party indicates that it wishes to change an existing relationship or practice, the other party may indicate in writing that it opposes immediate implementation of the proposed change. In such circumstances, the party proposing the change must give written notice to the other party and may not implement the proposed change for a period of two months from the date of the notice. Where the party proposing the change modifies its original proposal in any substantial way after giving notice, the two month period will be deemed to have commenced on the day that the final modification is transmitted to the other party. The other party may waive all or part of the two month period at its discretion. For the purpose of this provision, "relationships or practices" refer exclusively to Association or University level relationships or practices.

6.2 Governance

The parties believe that University policies and this Agreement are essentially compatible; however, should conflicts arise between University policies and the express provisions of this Agreement, the latter shall prevail. Nevertheless, nothing in this Agreement shall be taken to limit the powers of Senate, the Board of Governors, the President or other administrative officers as those powers are established in statute, except to the extent essential to implement the arbitration provision.