Article 4 – Bargaining Unit


4.1 Membership in the Bargaining Unit

The bargaining unit shall consist of six separate and distinct groups of academic staff. Specifically it shall consist of all persons employed by the University full-time or part-time as:

(a) Faculty members: instructor, lecturer, senior lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor or professor;

(b) Limited Term Faculty;

(c) Librarians, including Limited Term Librarians and Archivists;

(d) Laboratory Instructors, including Limited Term Laboratory Instructors;

(e) Sessional Lecturers; and

(f) Retired SFU Faculty, Librarians, Archivists and Laboratory Instructors who hold post-retirement appointments;

except persons holding appointment or acting appointment as president, vice-president, associate vice-president, dean, associate dean, university librarian for the period of their administrative appointment or persons designated by the president for specific negotiating or advisory roles in negotiations with the Association for the period of their specific role.

Persons holding visiting or sessional instructor appointments are excluded from the bargaining unit even if the term of appointment or of successive appointments exceeds one year.

4.2 Association Membership and Payment of Dues or Equivalent

No member of the bargaining unit as of January 16, 1980 shall be required to join the Association or to pay dues or the equivalent as a condition of employment. However, except as specified below, it shall be a condition of employment that each member of the bargaining unit appointed during the term of this Agreement join, and pay membership dues to the Association. An exception shall be made to this provision for a person who affirms a conscientious objection to membership in the Association in which case that employee shall pay to a recipient mutually agreed upon by the University and the Association an amount equivalent to membership dues.

The University shall honour a bargaining unit member's written assignment of salary to this effect:

"To Simon Fraser University: Until this assignment is revoked by me in writing I hereby authorize you to deduct from my salary a sum equal to the membership dues in the Faculty Association fixed annually in accordance with its Constitution and to pay that sum to the Faculty Association."

The University shall deduct regularly from the salary of each member of the bargaining unit who provides a written assignment the amount specified above and shall each month forward to the Association the total amount collected together with a list of members from whom deductions were made in that month. In January, May, and September each year the University shall also provide the Association with a list of all members of the bargaining unit. The list shall identify those employees who hold part-time or limited term appointments.