Article 14 – Statements of Interpretation and Amendments


14.1. Statements of Interpretation
During the life of this Agreement, statements signed jointly by the President of the University or by his/her designate and the President of the Association may be issued for the purpose of clarifying or implementing the terms of this Agreement or of any of the policies identified in 9.1. Such statements shall have the same force as the Agreement or the policies identified in 9.1 respectively.

Such statements may not amend, add to, or subtract from the terms of the original Agreement or the policies identified in 9.1.

Where the parties cannot agree on a matter of interpretation, the issue will proceed directly to arbitration in accordance with 12.1 (a) (i).

This section supersedes any contradictory or inconsistent interpretation provision in any of the policies identified in 9.1.

14.2 Amendments to the Agreement
Amendments to this Agreement may be made at any time by agreement of the parties. They shall be subject to the same approval procedure as the Agreement.

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