SFU Policies

SFU has a wide range of policies in place to govern academic matters, administrative affairs and terms of employment. The complete list of policies is available here.

For most SFUFA-related matters, however, it is the series titled “Academic Policies” which is most important. Here you will find information governing all aspects of academic staff employment at SFU, from processes for initial appointment through retirement, from departmental decision-making to the details of economic benefits.

A number of these policies have in fact been the subject of negotiations, and have the status of agreements between SFUFA and the University in that they cannot be unilaterally amended while the parties have a valid collective agreement. The following are the agreed-upon ‘negotiated’ policies – while others may be changed either unilaterally by the administration or simply following notice to and/ or consultation with SFUFA, these may not be altered with the Association’s express agreement.

Academic Appointments – Policy A 10.01

Renewal, Tenure and Promotion – Policy A 11.03

Criteria for Appointment, Promotion, Contract Renewal, Tenure and Evaluation – Policy A 11.05

Appointment of Part-Time Faculty – Policy A 11.08

Modification of SFUFA Bargaining Unit Members’ Appointments – Policy A 11.09

Teaching Appointments – Policy A 12.01

Librarians – Policy A 12.03; excluding 6.2.1, 6.2.2, 7, 8 (superseded by Section 12.0 of the Framework Agreement), 9, 10.1, 10.2, and 13.0;

Limited Term Faculty – Policy A 12.05

Post-Retirement Appointments – Policy A 12.10

Faculty Salaries – Policy A 20.01

Academic Salary Scale – Policy A 20.02

Benefits for SFUFA Bargaining Unit Members, Retirees and Visiting Faculty – Policy A 21.01

Relocation Expenses for Tenure-Track Faculty – Policy A 21.02

Reimbursement of Professional Development Expenses – Policy A 21.04

Tuition Waiver Policy – Policy A 21.05

Enhanced Early Retirement – Policy A 21.06

Code of Faculty Ethics and Responsibilities – Policy A 30.01

Trimester Operation – Policy A 30.02

Tenure-Track Faculty Workload – Policy A 30.03

Disiplinary Measures – Policy A 30.09

Study Leave – Policy A 31.02

Parental Benefits Policy – Policy A 31.05

Archivists – Policy A

Copyright Policy – Policy R 30.01

Patent Policy – Policy R 30.02

Integrity in Research Policy – Policy R 60.01