Accommodations Wanted

Our small family is looking for a new home. My partner and I are both profs at SFU. We’ve been living in the same East Van rental home for 7+ years, and are only leaving because the owners have sold it. We have stable, high incomes, are conscientious and respectful tenants, and come with excellent references from our current landlord. We have one daughter, who’s about to enter high school, and cats—and they’re great tenants, too!

It feels awkward to make demands about what we’d like, but ideally we’d love a house or townhouse – although we’re open to apartments – with 2+ bedrooms, for something long term (5+ years, if all goes well), and for something in East Van, though we’re open to North Burnaby and New West. We’re ready to move as soon as we find the right home.

Thanks for reading this, and for considering our family. If you’d like more information about us, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]