Research Policies and Administration

Research at SFU is generally governed by the Office of the Vice President Research, whose website provides extensive information on the policies in effect, supports available, and administrative protocols.

The following items are of particular note, and members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this information and contact the Association should any issues arise.

Intellectual Property

Collective Agreement provisions related to intellectual property are in Article 18 of the Agreement.

For the general policy on intellectual property, please see the policy linked here.

For information on copyright, which generally applies to text and other scholarly products defined as a literary or creative work, see here.

For the terms governing inventions and products that may require patent or be commercialized, see the Patent Policy.


Scholarly Integrity and Misconduct

Scholarly integrity or misconduct complaints do arise. And they arise for a wide number of reasons and as a result of a wide range of actions, both intentional and unintentional. A scholarly misconduct complaint is a serious matter, and while the vast majority are dismissed or determined to result from miscommunication or inaccurate information, complaints should always be taken seriously, as the consequences can be serious to one’s reputation and career.

Collective Agreement terms related to scholarly intergrity are in Article 17 of the Agreement, found here. SFU’s scholarly integrity policy can be found here; should you have any questions about the¬†interpretation of either document, or become involved in a scholarly misconduct inquiry in any way, please contact the Association for assistance.