Campus Services

Aside from negotiated benefits and the employment-related member services offered by SFUFA, the University and the SFU community offer a range resources and opportunities that may benefit members.

Maps and Parking

Maps of the three SFU campuses can be found here.

For information on parking availability and rates, please see SFU Parking.

Childcare, Eldercare, and Housing

The SFU Childcare Society offers care for infants and school-age children in a fully-licensed environment easily accessible for members working at the Burnaby campus. Though a private entity not officially managed by the University, the Society has a close relationship with SFU, and does offer some priority to faculty and staff. Please note that childcare spaces are limited, and substantial waiting lists are not uncommon.

Resources on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and dealing with particular pressures associated with care-giving, for children or elders, can be found here.

Housing is not offered by the University, but resources on short -term and long-term accommodations can be found on a web-page maintained by Faculty Relations.

New continuing employees may be eligible for mortgage interest assistance to the tune of $3000 per year for five years, under the terms of the Mortgage Interest Subsidy Policy.

Health, Wellness and Fitness

SFU’s Health and Wellness programs, including physiotherapy and chiropractic services, are administered by Health and Counseling Services. Faculty-specific programs are listed here.

Human Resources also coordinates a number of wellness initiatives; further information is available at the Health Promotions site.

Members are entitled to a free gym membership through SFU’s recreation department, which offers a wide range of equipment and classes. For further information or to get your pass, contact Recreational Services.

The free and confidential Employee and Family Assistance Plan offers short term counseling and additional resources for difficult periods.

Community Engagement

SFU has various programs in place to build links with and engage the general community in intellectual discussion and public dialogue.

SFU Public Square works interacts with the metro Vancouver community on issues including civic engagement, democracy, sustainability, and public interest.

The Philosopher’s Cafe series, run by Continuing Studies, hosts public lectures and community discusssions on a wide range of issues across Great Vancouver.

For an overview of community initiatives, see the SFU Community Engagement Plan.