The Role of the Executive

As a member-driven organization, SFUFA is ultimately governed by the will of its members as expressed at General Meetings. Between those meetings, however, the Association is administered by an elected Executive Committee whose role is to oversee the affairs of the Association and to represent the Association in a manner consistent with the will of the members and SFUFA’s legal obligations.

In practice, the Executive performs a range of functions, some of the most notable being:

a) monthly consultations with SFU’s senior administration to identify issues of concern;
b) oversight of official communications with the general membership;
c) identification of priorities to guide the daily work of the Association and its staff;
d) implementation, with staff, of decisions made at General Meetings;
e) authorization of arbitrations or other legal proceedings as necessary to defend members;
f) expenditure of funds to fulfill SFUFA’s commitments and legal obligations;
g) assurance that SFUFA meets its legal obligations under the Societies Act, legislation, and the Framework Agreement

Serving on the SFUFA Executive is not only an important way to assist in the representation of faculty and academic staff, but also provides a unique opportunity to understand the workings of the university from a different vantage point.

We encourage all members to consider standing for election.