As members consider the question of whether SFUFA ought to pursue formal unionization under the BC Labour Relations Code, the following may be of help.

Certification Vote Results, Spring 2014

SFUFA Certification – Frequently Asked Questions

The Unionization Question – SFUFA Discussion Document from Spring 2013

Certification FAQ by the BC Labour Relations Board

Links to the BC Labour Relations Board and the Labour Relations Code

A 2009 article by then-SFUFA President Bob Hackett on Faculty Unionization.

Link to video recording – The Unionization Question – an intro to the discussion within SFUFA, May 2013 (

Link to video recording- Faculty Unionization: Legalities and Experience October 16, 2013

Krishna Pendakur’s presentation on the impact of unionization on salaries, presented at SFUFA forum of January 30, 2014

Glenn Chapman’s presentation on risks of unionization, presented at a SFUFA forum January 30, 2014.

Video recording of Glenn’s presentation available here:

A 2013 academic study of the impact of unionization on university performance in the United States.

A webpage, US-based, where faculty comment on general experiences with unionization. This is simply an open forum, but may be of interest.