Early Promotion to Senior Lecturer

Letter of Agreement

Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University Faculty Association

Section 9.2 of A12.01 states “A Lecturer may apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer if he/she has at least five years experience as a lecturer at SFU.”

The parties agree that a Lecturer may apply to be considered for promotion to Sr. Lecturer prior to the time specified in section 9.2 if s/he has at least three (3) years as a continuing Lecturer at Simon Fraser University PLUS three (3) years as a Lecturer (or equivalent position) at another post-secondary institution prior to the continuing appointment at SFU. The continuing and limited term appointments must have been at least half time. (For lecturers who held a limited term lecturer position at SFU immediately preceding the continuing appointment see section 3.7 of A 12.01.)

He/She must make a written submission, including a full curriculum vitae, to the Dean and copied to the Chair of the Teaching Appointments Review Committee (TARC) by September 15 outlining the reasons for the request. In making his/her determination, the Dean shall consult with the Chair of the TARC. The Dean must inform the Lecturer of his/her decision in writing by October 1, with reasons, copied to the Chair of the TARC.

An unsuccessful early promotion application shall not be a relevant consideration in any future promotion consideration.

This agreement is effective November 15, 2007.


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